Shelley – Stable Mountain

650 N State Street Ste #6
Shelley, ID 83274

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Stable Mountain Cancellation Policy

Effective Date: Sept 2020

Last Revision: Oct 2022


Vehicles, tours and deliveries must be reserved prior to the machine being released for use. Reservations must be booked through our website, For booking assistance contact stable mountain anytime, or 208-684-2400. Reservations must be paid in full before the machine can be picked up or dropped off and/or prior to any tour departure. Must have a valid driver’s license or your parent’s/guardian’s consent to make reservations.


Reservations and/or deposits are refundable when you provide a cancellation notice 2 weeks (10-14 days) or more before your reservation date. Any reservation that needs to be canceled with less than two weeks before your reservation date is at Stable Mountain’s discretion and may be subject to cancellation fees. Contact Stable Mountain anytime for help with cancelations or to discuss any extenuating circumstances, or 208-684-2400.

Adverse weather conditions happen throughout the season…including the lack of snow, there’s rain, freezing rain, deep snow, temps below zero and road closures. In these circumstances, individuals may contact Stable Mountain about any extenuating circumstances, or 208-684-2400. We’re happy to work with you and determine a refund or reschedule.

Guide Tours

Individuals must arrive 30 mins early to the meeting location (either trailhead or office) to complete any remaining paperwork, get outfitted and receive orientation. Individuals who show up late may miss the tour and can forfeit their reservation/deposit fee.