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Snowmobiling has alway been a passion for me, it’s brought me closer to my dad and brothers and best friends. I got into snowmobiling pretty young as my dad was getting into sledding. It was in the beginning that I had my mind blown on what could be done on a sled and from then on, I’ve looked to sledding as my outlet for pulling off whatever I could imagine. After moving down to Utah for school, luck would have it that I ran into and got to be a part of the Boondockers Movie series.

Working with the other riders to push my limits in technical terrain, jumps and drops was a dream come true. Riding with the Boondockers let me discover how much I loved riding with other riders…new riders, pro riders…doesn’t matter, I just loved to get out and sled so we started Stable Mountain as a way for others to fall in love with sledding again

Ryan Searle

Growing up in Southeast Idaho as a farm boy allowed for many opportunities to play on the snow. From a young kid, my father took me to Island Park. I can remember as a young teen trying to keep up with my father as he maneuvered through the trees, jumping creek bottoms and playing on the hills.

In the early 2000’s I started riding with the Boondockers Movie team and pushing skills each year. While being a part of the team had the opportunity to work with the Utah Avalanche Center to promote Avalanche Awareness and Safety. That helped stem a desire to become more familiar with avalanche safety and pushed myself to get more education. Now I’m an AIARE Motorized Avalanche Educator, working with other professionals in the industry to help others get the education to Ride Safe.

Over the years as a Boondocker and having the opportunity to meet many sled enthusiasts has led to riding with many others outside of my normal group of buddies. This has given me the chance to ride with first time sledders up to big names in the industry and everything in between. I always enjoy sharing the passion with others and helping them explore the backcountry. I look forward to showing others around in my backyard to some of the places that are lesser known.

Drew Case

I grew up in Shelley sledding with friends and family. I sorta grew out of it just outta high school. After a little off time and shortly after some kidney problems I had a new found desire to get back into sledding! Sleds sure had come a long way…after getting into sleds, turbos and suspension, I was hooked and decided to start Stable Mountain with my best sledding buddies.

Randy Searle

Cody Case

DJ Osborne

Matt Schebaum

Will Mook